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Outted June 19, 2006

Posted by James Warren in blog.

So there I was, minding my own business, quietly building up a portfolio of blog entries before launching myself on an unsuspecting blogosphere, when I am encouraged to out myself prematurely.  Drew B asks, very politely, why I don't blog.  Richard Bailey goes a little further, quite correctly.

Well, gentlemen, here I am.  Bear with me as I finish setting up the site.  In the next day or so I'll kick things off properly – after which you can expect daily posts (work commitments allowing) and lots of extraordinary insight.  Just like this.

Thanks for having me.



1. The World's Leading - June 19, 2006

Hello James!

You’ve been kind enough to take an interest in The World’s Leading, so here’s TWL returning the favour. You’re an erudite young man, and we’ve got high hopes of PR 2.0. Best of luck.

The World’s Leading

2. Antony Mayfield - June 20, 2006

Hurrah – good to have you on blog, Mr Warren.

3. Richard Bailey - June 20, 2006

Here’s a warm welcome (to assuage my guilty feelings).

4. Simon Collister - June 20, 2006

hahahaha… daily postings indeed (work commitments allowing). Good luck with that one!

Joking aside, welcome to the ‘sphere James!

5. renaissance chambara - June 21, 2006

Welcome, seriously.

How are you finding Weber Shandwick?

6. Strive Notes - June 21, 2006

New UK PR blogs

Drew B has highlighted some recently launched UK PR blogs.  James Warren’s looks especially good.  Just fyi.

7. jameswarren - June 26, 2006

Deep gushing thanks to you all. No sooner do I promise to post on a daily basis than I disappear on business for a few days. The *shame*. I’m loving Weber Shandwick, thanks Ged. How are things with you? And the blogroll’s on its way (hnoest) – you’ll all be in there.

8. renaissance chambara - June 26, 2006

Things are alright James, glad to be back agencyside after my adventure inhouse



9. Jonny Rosemont - July 3, 2006

Jimbob, good to have you on board the blogobounty. Looking forward to your informed opinions.

Torres for Arsenal!

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