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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes July 14, 2006

Posted by James Warren in apropos of nothing, cool, social media.

I know I know.  I’m sorry – I’ve been, um, busy.  Really busy.  I need to make more time for my blog, but work and family have taken precedence over the last week or so (in that order, regretably).  I’ll be back in full effect shortly, I promise.  But in the meantime, I came across popurls (via Drew B) which is truly great and I am ashamed I’ve not seen it before (like I said, I’ve been, um, busy).  Why is it *so* great?  Because the first link I clicked took me here.



1. Drew B's take on tech PR - July 14, 2006

Isnt popurls amazing! Kinda makes you dizzy

2. Simon Collister - July 16, 2006

The quick change artists are amazing…. but even more intriging: is that Piers Morgan?

3. Adam - July 17, 2006

Oh how Piers Morgan has gone up in the world… Clearly the producers were either desperate to get the panel together, hence why ‘The Hoff’ has joined him or they thought it would be amusing to throw the two of them together. I’m sure that the US is waiting with baited breathe for the next episode of this useless talent show, that is clearly summed up by their judging panel…..

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