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Making Your Fortune October 26, 2006

Posted by James Warren in marketing, pr.

Just read that Unisys is sending personalised copies of Fortune Magazine to a handful of its key sales targets, with their pictures on the front.  It’s backing this up by placing supporting adverts on these individuals’ routes to work, outside their offices and in local eateries etc.  Although I guess this could be construed as slightly sinister, it’s also true person-to-person influencer relations in action.  As Google and its ilk provide us with tailored (and increasingly localised) information, are we becoming more receptive to (and even expectant of) personalised messaging?  I had always believed that personalised communications, via influencer relations, was the future of PR – and digital comms have a key role to play there, of course – but it appears that the ad guys are stealing a march on us, yet again.



1. Anon - October 26, 2006

I think you have touched on an interesting subject and as consumers we are certainly starting to become more receptive to personalised messaging. Communicating directly to consumers through tailored campaigns, whether through digital comms, or other mediums such as events, specifically designed to hit your target audience can often lead to more buy in from consumers as they feel an affinity to the brand. Somehow though I feel that the PR industry is often slow to adapt to changes in the way people are starting to consume media and there are many that are still of the mindset that maximum awareness comes from seeing ‘their name in lights’ within a newspaper, or magazine. Whilst these mediums are still very important for PR’s and they do have the opportunity to create mass awareness (on occasion) those that are often successful also rely heavily on other functions of the marketing mix. We are extremely fickle and have less brand loyalty now than ever before, which is why it is becoming more important to communicate to people face to face (personalised communication) rather than relying on the traditional forms of communication.

2. Adam - November 1, 2006

Further to this I wanted to highlight an article from Media Guardian http://media.guardian.co.uk/newmedia/story/0,,1936543,00.html today on the projected ad revenues for Google this year, which come in at £900 million. Compare this to Channel 4 who have predicted ad revenues of £800 million and we begin to see how online media is becoming increasingly important for advertisers and pr’s alike….

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