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Massive face (blatant plug) November 15, 2006

Posted by James Warren in cool, marketing, work.

My colleagues here in the Weber Shandwick London office have just pulled off a gloriously old-fashioned PR stunt.  They’ve created what they believe to be the world’s biggest logo on behalf of KFC and used satellites to capture it from space.  Images here (the satellite images look touched up, but aren’t) and there’s video too.  Hang on til the end when the helicopter taking the B-roll gets a bit too close to the ‘real’ Col Sanders, walking across the site…  Who needs Second Life?


1. Stephen Davies - November 15, 2006

Cool, I like it.

Someone doesn’t though. Have you read this?


2. jameswarren - November 15, 2006

I have now – thanks Stephen. I took from his comments that he actually likes the implementation (although he wrongly guesses it’s an advertising-led campaign), but questions the wisdom of KFC doing any marketing of any kind while the trans fat issue is out there. My take is this is taking the focus away from that – and it does so by giving people something to talk about. KFC is never going to get away from the fact that fried chicken is not top of anyone’s healthy eating list.

What’s interesting is what we have done from a social media perspective – which is very little, actually. We put the content up in places where people could find it and share it, and then tipped the first few dominoes by telling a select group of interested parties. And we’re currently tracking thousands and thousands of blog entries… This social media stuff works you know : )

3. Adam - November 15, 2006

I’m not so sure Mark doesn’t like the stunt as he makes numerous references to it being a brave stunt, I think he is more missing the point. Surely this is all about raising brand awareness about the re-brand of a global company and the fact that it has been done in the current climate of the food industry should be neither here nor there.

KFC is actually the third fast food chain to be in the news in the past couple of weeks. Burger King first announced that it was launching the super-size Double Whopper burger and McDonalds has proved that despite them offering healthy alternatives, it has either driven customers away, or customers do not want it.

Now i’m not sure that this is about companies “raising their heads above the parapet” as Mark puts it, but more to do with them understanding their customers wants and needs – I mean who really wants to go into a BK, McDonalds, or KFC and chomp on a salad? Not me – bring on the trans fats…..!

4. Rajan Sodhi - November 15, 2006

Oh, oh – now you’ve started something – billboards for outer space travelers. This is just the beginning, but now you can say you’re the first. May want to find a way to tie this in with the next space shuttle trip – cameras pointing back from the space shuttle to a logo on planet earth – some company will pay big bucks for that, I’m sure.

5. Stephen Davies - November 15, 2006

“My take is this is taking the focus away from that – and it does so by giving people something to talk about. KFC is never going to get away from the fact that fried chicken is not top of anyone’s healthy eating list.”

Couldn’t agree more. And for the record, KFC is my favourite fast food outlet. Love it…

6. jameswarren - November 16, 2006

Stephen, Stephen… it’s a slippery slope 😉

“When you’re young you can eat what you like, drink what you like and still climb into your 28-inch trousers and zip ’em closed. But then you reach that age… 24, 25… your muscles give up and wave a little white flag and without any warning at all you’re suddenly a fat bastard YOU FAT BASTARD YOU FAT BASTARD…” Ah, come back Jimbob and Fruitbat – all is forgiven (I’m getting old, aren’t I? Don’t answer that)…

7. Sean at Prompt - November 17, 2006

Do you have a link to this site on Google Maps or Google Earth or similar? At the moment the only photos proving this seem to have been provided by KFC and it would be good to get some outside confirmation of this.

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