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Long Tail PR January 23, 2007

Posted by James Warren in pr, social media, work.

Essential reading: Chris Anderson chips in to the social media press release debate, but in doing so changes the game slightly.  And he’s right – successful social media PR *will* become an in-house activity.  This is something I’ve said many times before (although not necessarily here, I realise).  Upsets the role of the agency somewhat, but more on that later…



1. Jonathan - March 6, 2007

jimbob – what’s up ? are you still there or just really really busy?

2. jameswarren - March 16, 2007

hey fella – still here, just stupidly busy. working, travelling (racking up those airmiles), you know how it sometimes (often?) is. good to see you blogging – lovely design. massive congratulations on the engagement front – she’s clearly deranged and it’ll never last, but well done anyway 😉 seriously, great news! now, how’s the shed?

3. Jonathan - March 19, 2007

cheers mate. shed is good. now fully powered up. nice to see you up and running again.

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