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RIPTWL October 31, 2007

Posted by James Warren in pr, web 2.0, wine, work.

So TWL has hung up its boots.  Shame.  It had really begun to make its mark.  As far as I was concerned, TWL was all about fun.  The kind of fun that’s like a hand grenade rolling around without a pin, sent from heaven to toy with our minds…  You were never sure when it was going to go off.  Or something.  I’ll miss it.

In other news, my very good chum Pinny’s started a new blog, to go with his wine one.


1. Mark - October 31, 2007

Thanks for the mention pal. Actually, I’m going to wrap the wine ramblings into the new blog. Trying to maintain a blog solely about wine was damaging both financially and to my internal organs.

2. jameswarren - October 31, 2007

So wise. Now then, your new blog header… did you lay all that out and then photograph it? It’s jolly good.

3. Protagonist - October 31, 2007

As one door closes another one opens and all that. Great to hear Pinsent finally has a platform from where to air his views, he’s been needing one for quite some time.

4. Stephen Waddington - October 31, 2007

Gutted. Absolutely gutted. Can’t be allowed to happen.

5. Mark - October 31, 2007

Yes mate, I did! Quite pleased with it I am too.

6. jameswarren - October 31, 2007

@Protagonist – welcome. I like the cut of your jib.

@Stephen – I agree, it’s a tragedy. Subject hi-jack: I was travelling in the US during the recent Custard/Wooding hot-air-fest so didn’t get around to commenting (and to be honest was disinclined to do so). But one of the issues it did raise was that we’ve never met. High time that was rectified – lunch?

@Mark – genius mate. There’s a good living to be made there – personalised blog headers. Play your cards right and you could soon be running the world’s leading blog header creation service.

7. Protagonist - October 31, 2007

@jameswarren – Why, thank you sir. I’ve been a long time reader but only just developed a blog that I could bring to the party.

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