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Mucky End. Er… November 2, 2007

Posted by James Warren in funny, pr, work.

Paul Mackender is off to join Grant, Jess, Susie and all his other chums at Inferno.  Or rather a portion of him is:

“Part of me is going there looking to continue to grow Inferno’s business. It is growing really fast.”

Alarming.  Presumably the other part of him is staying the same size.  Perhaps that explains why it’s doing something different.  Staying at home and twiddling its thumb, for instance.  Good luck Macca – and I hope you pull yourself together soon.

Source:  P Diddy Week (sub. reqd).


1. Macca - November 3, 2007

Hello James. Yeah, an odd quote, I agree. Thing is I didn’t actually say those words…great reporting hey?

2. jameswarren - November 4, 2007

True. When you speak you do tend to make sense. For instance.

How’s San Fran?

3. Matt Ravden - November 8, 2007

Have you seen Face of Boe in Doctor Who? Macca’s head will be encased in a large glass case in Inferno’s reception, where it will be allowed to grow. Staff will consult it for words of wisdom.

Meanwhile the rest of him will stay at home. Shrinking.

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