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Of course, work November 5, 2007

Posted by James Warren in social media, web 2.0, work.

I want to go back to University and do stuff like this.  Although I don’t consider myself to be old, this kind of further education is unrecognisable even to me.  Admittedly Mr Wesch’s course seems exceptional, but whether they’re learning or not from their lectures, the fact is that all today’s (developed world/middle class) students have access to technologies that allow them to collaborate, to experiment, to learn.  Students have always had a hunger and passion for development, of course, together with time to invest in the process.  But I think the value of being a student these days is not so much what they learn as how they are learning, how they use information and how they exist as part of a community (whether that’s a group of mates, a class, a fan forum or a continent).  Today’s students will come into business with an entirely new perspective on not only communication and interaction, but also ‘doing stuff’.  They won’t accept no as an answer.  They have free and immediate access to tools that can make things happen.  In the (recent) past you had to join a company to gain access to the tools required to make things happen.  That’s a significant wall, torn down.

This is going to come across as overbearingly pompous/arrogant/ridiculous and indeed, it probably is misplaced, BUT I’m going to say it anyway: I feel genuinely sorry for people that aren’t working/playing in the digital space.  I really do.  Not being deeply immersed in this stuff would scare me, quite a lot.  I think the changes we’ve seen in the past two years is as nothing to the changes ahead.

But then, my dad probably said the same thing about calculators.


1. Jonathan - November 5, 2007

I definitle feel in the right space, if a little bit old . . . you pompous/arrogant/ridiculous so and so.

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