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Sky Pea December 12, 2007

Posted by James Warren in social media, web 2.0.

The boss has blogged brilliantly this morning – lots of talk about the Ofcom report which states the Brits are the most socially-networked nation in Europe.  By way of affirmation, as I sat on the train this morning among the Christmas shopping daytrippers (I drop my youngest off at school on a Wednesday, so head in post-rush hour) I heard a charming old lady tell her companion about the wonders of Skype (which she pronounced Sky-pea).  It seems she had to persuade her daughter to install it so she could talk to and see her grandchildren in the West Country.  She was quite an advocate though, detailing all the product attributes (calls are completely free!) and features (wonderful clarity of picture, no delay, it’s wonderful).  Unwittingly – because she was talking in that wonderfully loud way women of a certain age do – she had the covert yet rapt attention of half the carriage.  As a result I’m certain there’ll be a few fellow passengers that will be trying Skype this weekend (although I wonder how many will try to access http://www.skypea.com).  Advocacy in action and a timely reminder that it’s not just the young ‘uns who are digitally fluent.


1. Matt Ravden - December 13, 2007

How could you fall for Doris? It is a well known fact that Skype has hired a gaggle of grannies to occupy London public transport and advocate Skype in very loud noises. It is quite brilliant.

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