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BetaBC December 14, 2007

Posted by James Warren in media, pr, web 2.0.

Been looking at the beta of the new BBC home page.  As you’d expect, it’s all leaning towards greater personalisation, allowing each user to specify the news that’s relevant to them.  And this ‘MyNews’ aspect will only get more sophisticated, I opine.  Which begs the question – does that make a splash for a client on the BBC web site more or less valuable…?  Discuss.


1. Lisa P - December 14, 2007

If I may…

I havent made up my mind yet whether it will be of any less value, I think given that it’s the BBC, the amount of visitors the site has and it’s credibility probably not. At least not any time soon. It does mean however that as our audiences are becoming even more fragmented we have to deal with a new challenge but on the other hand we’ll be even more targetted and spot on with who we need to speak to and that’s certainly not a bad thing!

2. pr-otagonist - December 19, 2007

Surely, it will have little effect at all on the numbers that read the articles in the first place. If someone has a real fetish for stories about disk to disk storage arrays then they are likely to read a piece on the subject, any normal person will give it as wide a berth as humanly possible.

We all make content filtration decisions when we read publications anyway, whether it’s to flick straight through to the letters page or to read every single article in chronological order. What would be a real progression however would to be able to see the metrics for each story’s audience.

3. Tim Hoang - December 27, 2007

Agreed with Lisa P. It’ll mean that messages will be more tailored to the most relevant audience. however, at the same time, the message won’t reach new potential audeinces and therefore it will be harder to persuade consumers to switch brands. I know they say that we consume the media that agrees with our own ideology but if i read the Sun and see a special offer at Sainsbury’s (a quid for a multi pack of McCoys always gets my attention) – i’d do my big shop there instead of Morrisons that week.

It’s annoying all the people working in the digital side of pr banging on about disintermediation this, fragmented audeinces that – it’ll be the best thing that will happen in pr because our messages will be more effecient and effective, etc. They have to say it because that’s what they, you and I live for. However, this change is not necessarily a positive step for PR, it just means that we have to understand what is going on in this new environment and how best to deal with it. whether its better or not, it’s going to change.

Oh, sorry we were talking about the BBC right…?

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