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Woe is meme January 4, 2008

Posted by James Warren in apropos of nothing, media.

I’ve been tagged.  I hate it when that happens.  But seeing as on this occasion it’s El Pincenzo and he had the good grace to put me and the family up (and show us a magnificent time, to boot) over New Year, I feel I ought to respond.  So here goes: FYI, it’s all part of the Seventy Seven My Month In The Media gubbins.

What I’ve read.
I’m reading Shantaram at the moment – recommended to me by Darren who runs our Shanghai office and is Australian, while walking past a Delhi shanty town at night (the significance of which will be lost on you unless you’ve read it).  It’s fantastic, beautifully written and an amazing story.  I can’t put it down – which makes typing a chore, frankly.  I also read Alex James’s autobiography which was just wonderful.  The man is a national treasure.  Am also reading a book about Winston Churchill’s witicisms.  Very fine.

What I’ve watched.
Sweet Fanny Adams on TV, to be honest.  The Christmas special of Extras was on while I was cooking and the little of it I did see was very good (the George Michael monologue tickled me in particular “It was bloody Stewart Copeland’s skip – before we knew it the Police had turned up…”).  Some football (top of the league, ithangyo).  That was about it though.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang enthralled the kids.  Cars too.  Away from TV, I’ve been mucking about with the BBC iPlayer – although seven hours to download The Best of Top Gear last night was a little steep, I thought.  Oh and I can highly recommend Ratatouille at the cinema – the best Disney film for years.

What I’ve listened to.
Again, very little.  As a whole 2007 was a bad, bad year for music.  December just awful.  High School Musical 2 was on most in our house, which tells you all you need to know.  The first Harry Potter book, read by the excellent Mr Fry, accompanied the family on our drive down and then back up France.  On the eve of my birthday I tried listening to The (eponymous) Stone Roses and, as my Twitter followers will have discovered, didn’t enjoy it – for the first time evah.  A sad, sad day.   The beloved bought me a portable DAB for said birthday, but I can’t get no reception (no, no, no) at home and it doesn’t work on the train, so it’s going back.  Shame.  I really must listen to more music in 2008.  In fact, I think I’ll review an album a week here – there, I’ve said it in front of both of you, so I’ll have to do it now.  Quick caveat, for the bank manager: the albums may not necessarily be new ones.

Where I’ve surfed.
I hugely enjoyed not opening my laptop for almost two weeks over Chrimbo.  I’ve realised I don’t really surf anymore – in fact, I appear to have disappeared up my own RSS.  Which may or may not be a good thing.  However, I dearly hope that someone somewhere works out how to better aggregate the news I want to read and presents it to me in a more convenient format than is currently the case.  By the way, I seem to ‘surf’ more on my mobile than on my PC.  The mobile internet is becoming almost bearable, and is, as any fule kno, the future of everything.

Merry new year.


1. Ed Lee - January 4, 2008

up my own RSS – very funny.

2. James Warren - January 4, 2008

Thanks Edly. Happy new year to you

3. Rakhee Vithlani - January 8, 2008

I’ve almost finished Shantaram – bombshell of a book. Apparently they’re making a film of it due out this year ..

4. notetoeditors - January 9, 2008

James, I have a remedy for the situation you find yourself in with The Stone Roses. Stick on “Second Coming” (stay with me on this), get in the car and go for a long drive. It really is *the* best driving album and it’s good to have a change of Stone Roses scene. Even “I Am The Resurrection” gets tedious after a while.

5. James Warren - January 10, 2008

Thanks for your comment Raks. They are indeed making a film of said epic tome, with a certain Johnny Depp playing the lead. Hope it’s a good as the book (Lin is having a hard time of it in prison at the moment – harrowing stuff).

And many thanks to you good Dr Wooding – although I’m not sure the Rt Hon May would be too happy if I took you up on your suggestion of going for a really long drive for the sole purpose of receiving aural pleasure (especially as my weapon of choice is a *cough* Land Rover *cough*). As far as the Roses go, I must say that I couldn’t agree more. I returned to Second Coming a few years ago and marvelled at it. It really is very good. Although not as good as the new brown Quality Street (which rivals the (doubly blue) M&S double devon toffee as my favourite sweet of all time).

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