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Something for the weekend – afreakymassiverobotdog March 20, 2008

Posted by James Warren in apropos of nothing.

Wow.  Check this out.  Scares the living poop out of me.

Courtesy of Holy Moly.

Video skilled the Radiohead March 18, 2008

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A while back I wrote about the Radiohead and NIN music distribution developments.  I still maintain that it’s only already established big bands that can do this and still make megabucks, but anyway…  Came across this just now.  User generated video production, courtesy of Radiohead.  You can make a video for Radiohead.  And you can win some cash.  Don’t know about you but this doesn’t sit terribly comfortably with me.  Can’t quite put my finger on it.  Are marketers beginning to try the patience of the ‘produsers’?  What’s the difference between harnessing creativity and exploitation?  I have been pondering on such matters for a while and my discombobulated thoughts may well manifest themselves in a post in the next day or so.  In the meantime, I refer you to this quote from Bash.org:

Q: Please describe web 2.0 to me in 2 sentences or less. 

A: You make all the content.  They keep all the revenue.

While I’m here March 18, 2008

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…we’ve just started working with these guys: Workology.  It’s a free professional social network for all you portoflio careerists (non-traditional workers?  freelancers?) out there.  Brings you together with relevant work opportunities at the same time as connecting you with like-minded people – or other flexible workers that can help you run your business (like accountants and so on) – allowing you to manage your own workstyle.  Focused on variety of industries, including marketing and PR.  The site quasi-launched in an invite-only beta late last week.  They’re in pre-launch mode and are after feedback, so please give it a go and let them know what you think.  If you want an invite, let me know (or simply register on the site).

Atishoo March 18, 2008

Posted by James Warren in blog, pr, work.

Crikey, it’s dusty round here.  Never mind.  Nothing a squirt or two of Cillit Bang can’t sort, I fancy.  The really good news is I am musing on a couple of interesting posts and – given that for the first time in about three months I don’t have a pitch this week – these ones may even see the light of day.  Who knows.

In the meantime – and I’m pleased to say this is becoming a familiar refrain – we are hiring (as the boss indicated a week or so ago).  I am increasingly desparate for some smart, willing, senior digibods to help service all the business mounting up next to my desk (and secure even more global/regional opps, natch).  I have projects on the go in the consumer, healthcare, technology, online, government and corporate arenas (arenae?), plus lots of digital video activity bubblnig away too.  Something for everyone.  If you fancy broadening your horizons and joining a team at the heart of this magnificent company’s future, get in touch at jwarren [at] webershandwick [dot] com.  Alternatively, direct Tweet me @jamesdotwarren.  You know it makes sense (and even if you don’t, try it anyway).