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The best thing I’ve seen today April 2, 2008

Posted by James Warren in marketing.

…is this.  Brilliant.

Hat tip to Simon Waldman (welcome back, sir).


1. Matt Ravden - April 3, 2008

First thought – boy, they have long lunches!! Fascinating subject matter, but isn’t the secret of good marketing … simplicity? There is a tendency to over-egg the pudding at the sharp end of marketing. In other words, people talk too much, and they talk too much bs. In amongst it all, though, there is very interesting content.

Is brand really formed in the minds of consumers, rather than in the boardroom? Is it something companies have complete control over, or no control over at all? I tend to think brands are formed at the confluence of what a company thinks its brand is and what consumers think it is. And that, by definition, is a moving feast. So brands are not static. They are like ice flows. BUT, if corporations become so outer-directed that all they do is try to do what they think the punters want them to do – if ALL they do is listen – they will end up entirely lacking authenticity. Like politicians abandoning ideology in the quest for votes. Like politicians, then.

Brands have to be authentic, which means they start, and finish, in the minds of those individuals who have to live and breathe that brand. The difference between old and new marketing is contextual. In the old world, you could shout from the rooftops about how great you were, and nothing much came back so you could delude yourself (somewhere in my dusty mind I’m hearing “Oracle will be the most important company in the world”). Now, a lot comes back. So consumer ‘noise’ forces companies to be authentic. If your brand isn’t authentic you’ll get slammed. If it is, you’re ok.

So there you go. Barely time to eat a hot noodle …

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