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You could call this an advert April 5, 2008

Posted by James Warren in cool, marketing, music.

…but i’d rather call it a film. Stunning *film* from Schweppes.

Hat tip to Mr Clayton. Music by the way by The Cinematic Orchestra – the real star.

Massive face (blatant plug) November 15, 2006

Posted by James Warren in cool, marketing, work.

My colleagues here in the Weber Shandwick London office have just pulled off a gloriously old-fashioned PR stunt.  They’ve created what they believe to be the world’s biggest logo on behalf of KFC and used satellites to capture it from space.  Images here (the satellite images look touched up, but aren’t) and there’s video too.  Hang on til the end when the helicopter taking the B-roll gets a bit too close to the ‘real’ Col Sanders, walking across the site…  Who needs Second Life?

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes July 14, 2006

Posted by James Warren in apropos of nothing, cool, social media.

I know I know.  I’m sorry – I’ve been, um, busy.  Really busy.  I need to make more time for my blog, but work and family have taken precedence over the last week or so (in that order, regretably).  I’ll be back in full effect shortly, I promise.  But in the meantime, I came across popurls (via Drew B) which is truly great and I am ashamed I’ve not seen it before (like I said, I’ve been, um, busy).  Why is it *so* great?  Because the first link I clicked took me here.

Newsatrolysis (a.k.a. Factgasm) June 26, 2006

Posted by James Warren in cool, geeky stuff, media, social media, web 2.0.
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Check out Map of the News (was catching up on my feeds and found this via Andy Lark's blog).  Although I've only been playing with it for a few minutes, I already think it is fantastic.  For full effect, maximise your browser.  If I could get an RSS reader to display my feeds in a similar way (different colours for different categories, the larger the headline the more 'dugg' the story…) keeping up to date with what's important would be a breeze – or at least more of a breeze than it is at the moment (a gust, perhaps?).

Also, its name reminds me of The Day Today, which can only be a good thing.  Anyway, my first impressions of Map of the News are such that I'm considering making it my homepage – which probably says more about Google's current travails more than anything else I could type on the matter…  But that topic will have to wait for a separate post.