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May Day May Day May Day November 16, 2007

Posted by James Warren in pr, social media, work.
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My very excellent colleague Brendan May has launched a blog dedicated to the discussion of CSR issues, the brilliantly titled May Day May Day May Day.  Brendan is one of the planet’s leading sustainabililty and responsible business experts.  Plus he’s very amusing.  Read the blog, ask him stuff, feed the world.

Mucky End. Er… November 2, 2007

Posted by James Warren in funny, pr, work.

Paul Mackender is off to join Grant, Jess, Susie and all his other chums at Inferno.  Or rather a portion of him is:

“Part of me is going there looking to continue to grow Inferno’s business. It is growing really fast.”

Alarming.  Presumably the other part of him is staying the same size.  Perhaps that explains why it’s doing something different.  Staying at home and twiddling its thumb, for instance.  Good luck Macca – and I hope you pull yourself together soon.

Source:  P Diddy Week (sub. reqd).

RIPTWL October 31, 2007

Posted by James Warren in pr, web 2.0, wine, work.

So TWL has hung up its boots.  Shame.  It had really begun to make its mark.  As far as I was concerned, TWL was all about fun.  The kind of fun that’s like a hand grenade rolling around without a pin, sent from heaven to toy with our minds…  You were never sure when it was going to go off.  Or something.  I’ll miss it.

In other news, my very good chum Pinny’s started a new blog, to go with his wine one.

Phaal Mouthed June 6, 2007

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A happy day, as my very good friend and ex-colleague Grant Currie unleashes himself on the blogosphere (along with some colleagues) at Pilot Light, the Inferno blog.  Grant generally has something interesting to say about almost anything, so this should be a very entertaining and stimulating (not to mention occasionally litigious) blog.  Welcome, bunce!

PR Manifesto May 1, 2007

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Have just read the latest Holmes Report and was sufficiently moved to post a recommendation to read the article entitled A Manifesto for the 21st Century Public Relations Firm.  I confess it feels very weird…  it’s as if I wrote the article myself, so closely does it mirror my own thinking.  And this just weeks after Mr Holmes replayed, almost word for word, my thinking on word of mouth marketing (without going into it in too much detail, WOM isn’t an activity, it’s an outcome, the result of a successful, carefully targeted and 360 degree PR campaign).  Better check the office for bugs.  Actually, better blog a bit more so I can beat him to it next time…  Hmmmm.

On that note, I’ll be moving my ‘professional’ blogging to a new platform shortly – Jonny and I putting the final touches to a Weber Shandwick Digital blog dedicated to digital PR (in its many forms).  So this blog will most likely become more, well, unprofessional.  Amen to that.

Flaming brilliant March 16, 2007

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Great piece from Jonah Bloom on the ‘Cutural Gulf’ separating marketing and PR.  In other news, the boss has started blogging, at the excellently-named Byrne Baby Byrne.  There’ll be more WS blogs coming online shortly – and not before time…

Long Tail PR January 23, 2007

Posted by James Warren in pr, social media, work.

Essential reading: Chris Anderson chips in to the social media press release debate, but in doing so changes the game slightly.  And he’s right – successful social media PR *will* become an in-house activity.  This is something I’ve said many times before (although not necessarily here, I realise).  Upsets the role of the agency somewhat, but more on that later…

iAdvocacy January 16, 2007

Posted by James Warren in geeky stuff, marketing, pr, work.

This perfectly encapsulates what Microsoft permanently finds itself up against…  Wonderful piece on the power of the Apple brand.  You can’t buy advocacy like this – although we in PR would like to think we can construct it.  I’m not sure it’s achievable through PR alone, but more on that later.   Merry New Year.  Hope to be blogging a little more regularly now my wingman has arrived (recruited via this blog, fact fans).

Same-sized print: Microsoft is a current client, Apple an old one. 

Wired link from Euan Semple.

Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins November 10, 2006

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Although I’m only a short way into it, I am already fairly certain this is the finest (work-related) book I have ever read.   I can’t stop feverishly scribbling notes in the margins and highlighting sections and sentences (something I *never* normally do to books).  I bought it following a recommendation on the ball-bouncingly excellent Apophenia.  And now I recommend it to you (look, genuine word of mouse in action).  Henry Jenkins’s blog is also required reading for anyone with even half an interest in media, culture and marketing.

Making Your Fortune October 26, 2006

Posted by James Warren in marketing, pr.

Just read that Unisys is sending personalised copies of Fortune Magazine to a handful of its key sales targets, with their pictures on the front.  It’s backing this up by placing supporting adverts on these individuals’ routes to work, outside their offices and in local eateries etc.  Although I guess this could be construed as slightly sinister, it’s also true person-to-person influencer relations in action.  As Google and its ilk provide us with tailored (and increasingly localised) information, are we becoming more receptive to (and even expectant of) personalised messaging?  I had always believed that personalised communications, via influencer relations, was the future of PR – and digital comms have a key role to play there, of course – but it appears that the ad guys are stealing a march on us, yet again.